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How will children be captured in the database? This is the big question in our mind because a child will develop and they develop completely at least 5 years.

Every citizen of India can avail an Aadhar card, irrespective of age or sex; you can also avail the aadhaar card for children also. it is not mandatory for kids to avail an Aadhaar, but there’s no harm in enrolling them for it. It could just make their life easier in the coming years.

For children below 5 years, no biometrics will be captured. Their UID be processed on the basis of demographic information and facial photograph linked with the UID of their parents. Children biometrics details like fingers and iris and facial photograph will be captured, when they turn 5. Their biometrics will be updated once they turn 15. Intimation to this effect will be mentioned in the original Aadhaar letter.

Make sure when the child turns 15 years ago, his/her final biometric data will be taken once again (for the last time) and linked to the AADHAAR card. For kids, proof of Date of a Birth document is necessary. Either parent, who has applied for AADHAAR card, can introduce their children for AADHAAR card. For that, the introducing parent’s Proof of Identity and Proof of Address document will need to be submitted for the kid’s AADHAAR card.

Documents Required For Aadhar Card For Child
Here are the few documents that are required in order to apply for aadhaar card for children:-

  • Birth Certificate of the applicant (child)
  • Aadhaar card details of the child’s parents
  • Address proof of the child’s parents
  • Identity proof of the child’s parents

Take your documents visit at your nearest aadhaar enrolment center and enroll for new aadhaar card for your child.

Updated: September 29, 2018 — 10:09 am

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