How To Update Aadhar Card Online

Aadhar updation is one the of frequently used service due to a name change, address update, the wrong date of birth, update mobile number and many more issues, so many people want to update aadhar card details. earlier you can online update name, dob, mobile number, address but due to security reasons right now you can only update address but if you want update name, Date of birth(DOB), mobile number so you have compulsory visite nearest aadhar card service center here we will guide how to update aadhar card address online.

How to update aadhar address online:

There are 2 ways to update aadhar card address

1)Valid Address Proof

2)Request for Address Validation Latter

We will write another post this procedure 

Aadhar Card Address Update With Valid Address Proof:

consider you are shifted to Mumbai city and you want to update address so you have compulsory one government document(Voter  ID, Passport….) of Mumbai city so you have upload this document, that means you have a compulsory valid address for that we will be shown you step by step details below.

STEP 1: Visite UIDAI Official Website and click on “Update your address online”

STEP 2: here you should see 2 options 1)update address button 2)Request For Address validation Letter so Click on “Update Address Button”

STEP 3: Enter Your Aadhr Number Or Virtual ID number(VID) as per your choice, enter the text verification code and click send OTP Button.

STEP 4: You will Receive one Time Password(OTP) on registered mobile number enter this otp
and click Login Button.

STEP 5: now next screen, there are two options available 1)Have Address Prove 2)Have address validation here you have select 1st(Have Address proof) option

STEP 6: Enter your new address(That you want to update) house number, street, area, locality, Pincode, district, post etc and click on submit update request.

STEP 7: Confirm your new address and click on the proceed button

Note: if you want to edit this address then click on Modify Button

STEP 8: upload valid address proof as per your choice(Voter id,Passport…etc)

Note: Upload document must be valid and not  more than 2MB Size

STEP 9: Now you cloud see confirmation dialog click on yes.

STEP 10: Select Kary-KDMS Database and click on the submit button.

That’s it, your update request send successfully note down URN(Update Request Number) because you can check update status

Updated: February 6, 2019 — 8:53 am

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